Technology: Blac Chyna Launches Her New “CHYMOLJI” Collection In Hollywood!

Blac Chyna has conquered the fashion and beauty industry, now its time for the pop culture and social media maven to take over the tech world! Currently, she owns the cosmetic line called “Lashed” and a beauty bar in Encino, CA. Yesterday, Chyna launched her new mobile app called “CHYMOLJI,” created by  brand named Glamroks.

The app contains over 700 custom emoljis that gives fans a glimpse of Blac Chyna’s personality, humor, lifestyle, and more. The future Mrs. Kardashian celebrated her new business venture release birthday in Hollywood at the Hard Rock Cafe with her celebrity friends.

“I’m extremely proud of thorough Glamroks was in developing my characters. Dez and her staff were super fun to work with,” says Blac Chyna. “My CHYMOLJI app is an expression of my personality and diversity of life.”


“We’re extremely excited as this is Glamroks first emoji app, so we’re over the moon! It took a total of four weeks to create from start to finish. Blac Chyna was very much involved with the creation process; she selected everything from hairstyles, colors, facial expressions, and would send us pictures of certain things she wanted to incorporate,” notes Glamroks Founder/CEO Dez White. “My favorite icons are those of her with a lollipop and blue hair and her twerking upside down. I was very impressed with our Art Director Shaun Harrison and the Gifs our team created, especially one of Chyna twerking on Rob Kardashian.”


“It’s been a work of passion to get [this collection] off the ground. We studied Blac Chyna inside and out and were able to incorporate her personality and humor into the emojis while also tying in her brand,” says Shaun Harrison, Art Director at Glamroks. “My personal favorite emoji is the one of her throwing money with Harriet Tubman on them in the air!”

Glamroks is an emerging tech brand that collaborates with social media influencers to create some exciting new projects. The company just signed 5 new influencers and plans to release a new app ever month for the next five months!

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