The Top Five YouTubers You Need In Your Life

Youtube has become an encyclopedia for most of our needs—if we need to learn about fashion, hair, or even life lessons, the video site is the place to be. It is filled with people giving tutorials, inspiration and advise to whoever is willing to listen. Some of these people have even managed to make a career out of it. These are the top You Tubers you need to follow to suit your needs.

Beauty: Michelle London

Michelle London, formerly known as Beauty and the Blog is a fashion and beauty guru. If you’re a makeup newbie, Michelle can help elevate you skills. She can highlight like no other and makes the application process seem effortless. Don’t be intimidated by her fierceness on Instagram—she is very personable. Her sense of humor will entertain you while you attempt to mimic her makeup techniques. Visit Michelle’s Youtube page for tips on how to beat your face.

Simple Style: Shirley B. Eniang 

Shirley is the fun-loving minimalist and blogger from Shirley’s Wardrobe. She is known for her simplicity in not only her sense of style, but her home and video presentation as well. ‘Less is more’, is her mantra and she pulls it off. She love basics and she can often be seen wearing white, black, grey and nude. Her collection of basics makes getting dressed easy because they are easily paired with one another. Aside from her signature red lip, Shirley rarely wears color but when she does, she leaves you begging for me. Look to her if you you’re always on the go and need simple, yet classy style inspiration. For style and beauty videos visit Shirley’s YouTube page.

Edgy Style: Samantha Maria

If you’re stuck in a style rut and don’t know how to add life to a boring outfit, Samantha Maria is the blogger to seek out. She isn’t afraid to wear a long puffed-sleeve or heavily distressed jeans. Her style is very versatile and often shifts. One day you will find her in skinny jeans a tee and her signature leather biker jacket and the next she will be sporting plaid culottes and oversized sweater and ankle boots. Her tattoos are our favorite accessories, as they add a lot of personality to her ensembles. To spice up your style visit Samantha Maria’s YouTube page.

Natural Hair: The Chic Natural 

From fro hawks to braided buns, Kim from The Chic Natural does it all when it comes to natural hair. She started her journey with a TWA (teeny weeny afro), so if you travel to her earlier videos you can witness her hair evolution. Her versatile hairstyles are easy and sometimes take as little as ten minutes to whip up. She often protects her hair with wigs and weaves and gives tutorials on installation and even how to make your own U-part. Kim is your girl if you’re having trouble maintaining your natural hair.

Inspiration: Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright is a fashion and beauty YouTuber that often gives advice on everyday situation we encounter in life. She touches on topics such as, friends, staying focused in college, find your career path, and finding “the one.” She also motivates her subscribers to be confident and invest in themselves without allowing the opinion of naysayers to get us down. Her advice on how to lift your spirit when you’re feeling down is to be grateful for all the blessings that you do have. If she ever gets bored of YouTube motivational speaking may be her next calling. For inspiration, fashion and beauty tips visit Patricia’s YouTube page.

Who are your favorite bloggers on YouTube?

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