“Selling It: In The ATL” Star A’Lana Banks Talks Real Estate, Reality TV, And More

 WE TV’s brand new show “Selling It: In The ATL” follows a diverse group of  seven professionals who are about to change the face of the real estate game in Atlanta. The show, which premiered on November 5th, enters into a professional world that was once dominated by men, and now theses ladies and their larger than life personalities take over while closing major deals in the booming city of Atlanta. Executive produced by “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield, make sure you check out “Selling It: In The ATL” on Thursdays at 10pm.

“Selling It In The ATL” cast member A’Lana Banks sat down in an interview to discuss her reality TV experience with shady cast members, real estate, and more. In the interview, A’Lana Banks explains her real estate method compared to the other women on the show. “I was like Jae, I was that firecracker who wanted to be off the chain but then I met someone and I humbled myself. So, it is very important to make your self known and learn how to take in information. Also, remember that your first impression is your last impression.” said Banks.


When  asked about the amount of shade that was thrown  while filming and how the audience can learn from the women she replied with saying: “I don’t think the shade is toward the real estate business, I think it is toward the different personalities in the room, because when you put seven women on a show together there will be  a lot of shade thrown. People take real estate very personal, they wear it on their sleeve, eat, sleep, and breathe the business. Those are the people who want everyone to believe the morals, professionalism, and the image. Although, those might not be the happy people but they will be able to appreciate the show. So when everyone goals are a little different you tend to see a lot of techniques the women use.”

“Every girl has a different technique so I know what everyone is good at, and I know what type of property they  like to sell. Real estate have so many areas but to last in this business you have to know how to cover all areas to be able  keep that person and close that deal. So, it is very important know how to sell all of real estate while also finding your niche. ”

Banks was also asked about the sex chair that was featured on the episode, she replied with: “I have been told that I make others comfortable around me. I wanted  to put them in a real estate environment but also wanted to see learn about them on a more personal level and how they represent themselves.

When I started my brokerage firm, I did it because I was tired of giving away a percentage of my check. So I got my broker license, the word got out that I was opening my firm so many people who wanted to work for me started calling me. So now I have two powerhouse agents.”


Check out part one of the interview above.

“Selling It: In The ATL” comes on every Thursday on WE TV at 10pm.

Tahitia Allante

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