Reality Star Sheree Whitfield Denies Reports That She Was Duped by Carlos King

In a recent story first reported on The Daily Mail, Sheree Whitfield and noted reality show producer Carlos King were allegedly at odds about a new reality show in Atlanta entitled “Selling It in the ATL” and according to the report, the reality star was suppose to have been duped by King and that he took her idea to various networks and was eventually purchased by We TV which is scheduled to air on November 5th.

sheree-whitfield-drama1The Style Reporter caught up with Whitfield in Atlanta and asked her about those reports and she hilariously responded by saying “Whose gonna Dupe Me Boo” That response was reminiscent of a response she gave a party planner she had issues with when he stated he would check her. She told our reporter that those rumors were false and that she and King are not at odds and that she would be working with him on the upcoming reality show Selling It in The ATL and is also executive producer of the show.In additional to her new show, she is also returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta and is rumored to have been paid $250,000.00 per episode.

Check out the video interview below.

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