Fordham University Now Offers The World’s First Fashion Law Degrees

On Monday, fashion and law came together and produced one of the most desired fashion degrees ever. Starting this fall, Fordham University students who already have a general law degree will have the option of getting a Master of Laws, or L.L.M. in Fashion Law. The program will cost $53,440 and it will cover important topics like fashion financing, fashion modeling law, fashion licensing, and sustainability. 

According to WWD, Fordham will also offer Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.), a degree program for fashion professionals who do not want a legal career but want to learn more about laws that relate to the fashion and retail industry. This program will cost about $40,080 and can be completed in a year or stretched out over time. 

“We’ve all heard that ignorance of the law is no defense, but law schools have done everything they can to make sure that everyone but lawyers are ignorant of the law,” Susan Scafidi, head of the Fashion Law Institute, said at Monday’s press conference.

“It’s time in a new era of transparency to open that up and to allow people to have the legal knowledge they need to make important business decisions,” she added.

Fashion classes will start this fall 2015. 


Tahitia Allante

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