Street Style: Fashion Documentary “Fresh Dressed” Trailer Gets Released

The hip hop fashion documentary “Fresh Dressed” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014 and it finally has an official release date! Directed by Sacha Jenkins, theĀ film now has an official trailer and now plans for a summer theater release.

In the trailer, (which debuted on Vanity Fair) notable figures from the hip hop community and fashion world like Kanye West, Andre Leon Talley, Pharrell Williams, Diddy, and more speak about how both worlds have come together and their own perspective on being “Fresh Dressed.”

“Being fresh is more important than having money…I only wanted money so that I could be fresh.” says Kanye West.

“Fresh Dressed” will be released in theaters and on Vimeo on Demand on June 26th.

Check out the trailer.

Tahitia Allante

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