Home Decor: Feathr Releases Artistic Wallpaper Created By Graffiti Artists, Tattooist, And Surfwear Designers

Want to create some unique style to your everyday amazing life? Well, Feathr has released some incredible and creative wallpaper collection designed by artists that specialize in body art and surfwear design. These unique patterns will make any room pop with its eclectic designs and bold colors. Working with 120 artists, the range of designs is bold and interesting.  The founders of the brand Feathr Anne Puukko and Tom Puukko picked out their artists and let the creativity take over! “Art changes culture. Decoration matches the carpet.” Says Anne Puukko.

“We believe that art is the personification of conciseness and even small acts of arts make a big difference. Our motto is simple: More art. Less decoration.” States Tom Puukko.

The Feathr wallpaper is printed on large format digital printers onto 165-gramme non-woven paper, which makes it easier to hang. As well as the artists already on board, Feathr is using crown curation ot discover new talent to help add to the design table.

Check out the interesting wallpaper looks below.


Tahitia Allante

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