Style Reporter: ABC’s Carla Hall Hosts Bounty Power Up Meet And Oprah’s “Life You Want” Tour

Bounty hosted a celebrity panel to kick off the weekend events at Centennial Park on Friday, September 5th. One of the events was Oprah’s “The Life You Want Weekend”. The panel included celebrity chef, author, and lifestyle expert Carla hall, from ABC’s The Chew, Karmetria Burton, and Nicole Jones. The topic of discussion was female empowerment, how women can become their best selves, and overcoming obstacles in life.



Oprah greets her guest during the first stop in Atlanta, GA during her “Life You Want” tour. The eight-city tour began on Sptember 5th, “O Town” was apart of the weekend experience, an exciting place for people to enjoy music, food, and activity.




Carla Hall along with Nicole Jones and Karmetria Burton during Oprah’s “Life you Want weekend at Bounty’s Breakfast Power Meet.

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Tahitia Allante

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