Inspiration: Happy Birthday Coco Chanel!

Happy Birthday, Coco Chanel!!

When you hear the name Chanel you automatically think of luxury and style. But a lot of people didn’t know is Coco Chanel did not come from the society she made these amazing clothes for, from growing up in an orphanage to working as a seamstress in a shop. Around her time, fashion was more of a chore. The fashions were heavy, with several layers of lacing, hats too heavy for your head along with a stiff corset. She believed women should be comfortable before fashionable. Ditching the corsets, she borrowed clothes of her lovers: white shirts, ties, trousers, etc. Starting a menswear trend we still wear today. Adapting elements in male attire and transforming them for a feminine use. Another famous trend Chanel invented and the “Little Black Dress”. One of the most famous trends in fashion and design history, and it still hasn’t been outshined. Introduced when black was only worn for mourning and bright colors, prints and embroideries dominated fashion. American Vogue named the LBD the “Ford” for its simplicity and it’s potential for long lasting success in 1926. Becoming a symbol of chic and simplicity, Coco Chanel is the true meaning of less is more.

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Tahitia Allante

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